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March  2015 Mid Session

This Legislative session has been a lot like this winter . Just

when we think the cold will lighten up, we get another

morning where it's 19 below or another storm...

We' re Vermonters though, and we know it will warm up,

sugaring season will kick in, days keep getting longer and

spring will replace winter 

Likewise, we will get our work done in Montpelier., working

together with the Governor to make sure we get things done

but remembering the values that make Vermont what it is.

It's a tough budget year and among the reasons it's a tough

budget year are we still cleaning up the mess from the Great

recession, revenues are slower than we estimated and now

on top of that we are feeling the effects of Federal cuts from

Congressional Sequestration.

But as tough as the budget is, we are not going to abandon

our values, our commitment to our environment and to our

people. We will remember the people that make Vermont

special, the communities where  people come together,  the

environment we all cherish and and the sense of fairness

on how we do things And, In our budget, we will not forget

the mark of a great society is how we treat the least of us.

When we look at the budget, we see people, not just


When we look at schools and education reform we see first

our children and the teachers and school boards that

already work hard to spend our money wisely and still

provide our children with a quality education that will make

 for a better future for them and their children.

We will preserve our land, support our farms, clean up

ourwaters, We will offer innovative policies, like our energy

plan that will spur the economy and bring a cleaner, greener

  future for our children and future generations. And, we will

do all that in the 16 weeks we have allotted for the part time

legislature, then go back home to our regular jobs and the

communities we love.

Specifically, A few of the bills we're working on are

protecting senior citizens from Financial exploitation,(and

unfortunately what we have found all too often is that is

protecting elders from family or friends that are supposed to

be watching out for them.)

We are working on an update on the Death with Dignity bill,

that maintains the protections to make sure it is available as

a choice but only under the strictest conditions. To prevent

misuse .

We are also working on a bill to better protect children from

abuse and neglect, and we just passed an Energy Plan , in

the House. That bill  builds on the good work we have been

doing to promote renewable energy and solar and

conservation and efficiency and that will save money and

reduce our carbon footprint .

And we are also tweaking the Current Use law so it

continues to protect open lands, farms and woodlands so

there are stiffer penalties for people who pull out of the

program to sell their land for big profits .

We are also working on an education bill that still has many

moving parts and will probably look very different than what

is currently proposed. Bottom line is that what we already

do here in our local supervisory union is what we hope to

have the rest of the state do...but I am keeping abreast of

this and will fight for any changes that are detrimental to

what we already do here, and what works

I want to thank you again for the opportunity and honor to

serve you and ask you for your continued suggestions and

questions about the legislature.

We want to hear from you and our contact info is on this


While we can't be all things to all people, and We can't give

everyone, everything they want. We will make the tough

choices in a  way that sees a big picture that includes

everyone . A picture that  gets us to a better day ,  to that

spring at   the end of this long hard winter.

 mike  mrowicki