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Mike   and David


 Call 2-1-1...

it provides all people in Vermont free        access to what resources are available in    your community.
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For State Help Programs,try the Agency of Human Services, "Screen Door" online access can  find out what kind of help that fits your needs and where you can find it.

Over 60?


CALL NOW! 1-800-214-4648 -
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Apllications are also available at the Putney Food Shelf or by calling Mike at 802.387.8787

Note: Each eligible person receives his or her own food box. People can participate in other commodity programs at the same time, but they cannot be enrolled at more than one CSFP site.

- 60 years of age or older, living in Vermont and income-eligible.
- A child under 6 years of age and not already in the WIC program.
- A woman who is pregnant or post-partum for less than a year and
not already in the WIC program.
- Individual and/or household income will be used to determine eligibility.
- Each household member may be eligible, and will need to complete an application form

2017 Legislative session  opens!

As we get going on this legislative  session, with concerns about

 what's happening in Washington, looming large on our horizon, 

how it all effects us in Vermont is still to be determined.

Irregardless, we still need to keep the work going on our state 

priorities of basic services like roads, bridges, schools and 

taking care of our vulnerable neighbors, and continuing work on

growing the economy, cleaning the land and water in Vermont

 and leaving the state cleaner than we found it for our kids, 

and theirs.

We are grateful that Gov. Scott has taken a stand against the 

President's attacks on immigrants and New Americans. 

However, the Governor budget proposal to attack K-12 funding to 

increase funds for Early Ed and the State Colleges, is tantamount

 to say, he's going to give one child more to eat, but he's going to

 take it from the plate of another child.

We can do better for all our kids and our educational system, but 

not by pitting one group against another.

Let's work together to find a better way.

Stay tuned. 

Rep David Deen 

Rep Michael Mrowicki

Vt. State Representatives  Windham 4 District                                       Putney, Dummerston, Westminster